Max Blob presents Blob's Park

8024 Blob's Park Road     Jessup, MD  20794

MD Rt. 175 @ Baltimore-Washington Parkway


Farewell To Blob's Park

by: Joseph E. Early


The doors are now closed

the dancing has ended

Lasting memories remain

of those we've befriended.


The building, though standing

shall remain quiet and dark

While thousands of people

bid farewell to Blob's Park.


We acknowledge the legacy

Max gave to us all

And the years of great pleasure

Enjoyed in this hall


We'll remember the family

that toiled everyday

To help make our visit

a most enjoyable stay.


The many bands that appeared

shall play here no more

Though their music resounds

over a different dance floor.


We'll miss the buffets

that gave us the strength

To complete a fast polka

whatever it's length.


The Spice of Life functions

were quite entertaining

And the holiday festivities

are memories remaining.


The memories are endless

though a void shall prevail

And Blob's will be remembered

In every detail.


As we leave here tonight

one thing is for certain

We have all lost a friend

by Blob's Parks final curtain.