Katherine Eggerl Peters

December 20, 1917  -  April 7, 2007

Mother, Mom-Mom, Boss and Friend

You have touched so many lives for the better

You will remain in our hearts forever!



Five Days before Christmas and all through the land

there arose such a scream, a scream for a hand

For in a house a baby was born

five days before that wonderful morn.


A baby born of German descent

some argue that she was an angel sent.

An angel sent right from above

an angel full of spunk

an angel full of love.


She grew up with so many hardships and trials

such as walking to school for oh so many miles.

Her legs were so cold, her legs were so bare

and she always said that this was unfair.

This was unfair for her knees often froze

when all she really needed was a little lederhose.


Enough of the legs, we must go ahead

because so much more has to be said.


We'll now go forward to 1937

on a day to her that was a taste of heaven.

For on that day she and Hans became one

and on that night she had some fun.

For on that day she changed her name

from a Blob to an Eggerl she became.


Unlike today's girls she wasn't at the mall,

instead she was busy working at the hall.

And while dealing with Uncle Max

she never had any time to relax.

Beginning a family? It's a wonder at all.


But first came Katherine, then Johnny, then little Anna,

then Maxie, then Mary, who was a gift from Santa.

With her kids all married her family quickly grew

with grandchildren's children it resembled a zoo.


And then one day a musician caught her eye

she made up her mind not to let him pass her by.

This musician was decent he could really keep a beat.

His name you might ask, Why it was Pete.


The years sure do come, the years sure do go

to be more precise some eighty or so.

All right now BOSS this poem must end,

you're more than our mother, you're also our friend.

Written by the Marriner family for Katherine's 80th Birthday 12/20/97.


   For seven long decades Katherine Eggerl Peters was the driving force behind Max Blob's Bavarian Biergarten, better known as Blob's Park in Jessup, MD. Celebrated for it's menu of homemade Sauerbraten, German Sausages and more than 70 brands of domestic and imported beers. Katherine always wanted to be the boss.  She was at the door greeting customers every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She was one hard working woman, handling reservations and making sure the tables and chairs were set properly.  

   It was 1933 when Katherine's uncle, German immigrant Max Blob settled down in Jessup and started a farm.  A decade later he added a bowling alley and a few tables and it became so popular he opened it up to the public with music and dancing every weekend. That was 1942 and his neice Katherine and her husband John started helping out. After Uncle Max died Katherine kept the place alive with the help of her children and eventually her grandchildren. They are one of the hardest working families in the county.  Katherine loved to keep the German spirit alive, and it was her dedication that has made Blob's what it is today. She was a friend to all and never missed a night at the front door. A great role model for her family and friends. Her legacy will remain with us forever. 

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